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The Letter That Constructed Two Forts

The letter which follows is from Colonel George Washington, ordering construction of the first two forts of a chain of forts to be built, stretching from Winchester Virginia, to Fort Duquesne (present day Pittsburgh). Fort Ashby was completed approximately one month later.

To Lieutenant Bacon of the Maryland Independant Company. Fort Cumberland, Md., 26 October 1755]

You are to proceed to George Parkers Plantation, where you will meet with Captain William Cocks and his Company of Rangers, who are ordered to erect a Work of Defence at the said place.

You are to make choice of the most convenient Ground, and direct them in building a Quadrangular Fort of Ninety feet, with Bastions. You will direct them in what part of the Fort to build their Barracks, and the most convenient part for a Magazine. Another Fort of the same dimensions is to be built by Captain Ashby’s Company, at the Plantation of Charles Sellars, or the late McCrackins; whichsoever you shall judge the most convenient Situation. You are to apply to each of these Companies for a Guard to escort you backwards and forwards, as often as you shall have occasion to go &c.

October 26th


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